Congratulations for reaching this milestone in your corporate journey! Getting your company listed on the Stock Exchange is for many founders, owners, investors or CEOs of growing companies, a highly significant milestone or even pinnacle of their career.

Why list -IPO/RTO?

There are many reasons why an entrepreneur or company chooses to list on the Stock Exchange. The top few reasons include:

  1. Transfer of Personal Guarantee to Corporate Guarantee for the bankers
  2. Professionalize the management and attract new talent
  3. Tap on capital markets such as issuing of shares
  4. Distribution of wealth to family and employees

Reliable Team needed for a successful IPO

To achieve a successful IPO process, you need a good team to journey with you for on your listing process. You will need a good corporate finance house to advise on the IPO. Some of the reputable ones include Prime Partners, SAC Capital, RHT Capital, Novus Capital, Evolve Capital, W Capital etc. You will need a good corporate lawyer to advise as well as a good Investor Relations (IR) or Public Relations Consultant to help communicate your equity story to the investors and media.

What does an IR Consultant do during the listing process?

An IR consultant will help in the following tasks in the IPO process:

  • Write the equity story
  • Investment merits- why invest in us
  • Investment Pitch Deck
  • Handle IPO marketing activities eg IPO video, collaterals etc
  • Prepare FAQs when dealing with investors, media, analysts
  • Arrange for media interviews and coverage on media
  • Issues Management- Assist in developing answers to queries from the public and handle any potential issues arising from postings in public forums.

What to look out for in choosing an IR Partner?

Most companies or entrepreneurs will only list once their companies once in their life. Choosing a good IR partner is as important as choosing a good corporate finance house and a good legal counsel.

Some of the things to look out for in an IR consultant or PR agency:

  1. Track Record- how many IPOs and RTOs have they handled in the last 3- 5 years?

  2. Who is in the IPO consulting team? – it is the experience of the consultants that counts much more than the agency’s brand name

  3. Do you actually need an international brand name agency versus a reputable boutique local firm who is more familiar with the local scene?

Why you should consider as ShareInvestor Media Group and Waterbrooks Consultants as your IPO Partner in Singapore?

Waterbrooks Consultants is a subsidiary of Shareinvestor Holdings, the region’s largest Investor Relations provider with a customer base of more than 700 listed companies in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia.

We are one of the leading IR and PR agencies for listings in Singapore and have a wide experience partnering our clients to enhance their brand and company’s reputation. ShareInvestor and Waterbrooks Consultants were also previously subsidiaries of Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) before 2018.

We own digital and media platforms such as (since 1999), Investor-One (since 2017) “Investing-Note” (since 2014) and Invest E-magazine Malaysia (2020) and Singapore (2022). Standing out from the crowd and making stakeholders excited about you is increasingly challenging in today’s highly connected and media-savvy world. At Waterbrooks, we are confident that we have both the expertise and experience to be that valued communications partner to do just that. We look forward to working with your management to strategise and map out a communications plan to support and profile your growth story moving forward.