Corporate Communications

Building a strong corporate reputation takes time – having it destroyed takes minutes. Protecting and managing corporate reputation is at the heart of good corporate communications. The consistent communication of business-friendly corporate narratives and key messages will strengthen the corporate profile and affirm your organisation’s vision and values among internal and external stakeholders

Corporate Communications include:

Media Relations / Public Relations

Despite the disintermediation of the media industry, journalists are still important stakeholders. Media relations and management is a key role in corporate communications: building and maintaining a good working relationship with reporters from the mass and trade media, and partnering them to tell your story– this is crucial for stakeholder outreach. Besides the strategic work, we also roll up our sleeves for the tactical, and help craft media releases, organise media lunches and act as your media bureau – a one-stop for all media-related matters, such as media release distribution and handling of media queries.

Internal Communications

Another oft-neglected aspect of corporate communications is employee or internal communications. Your employees are your best brand ambassadors and form the first line of defence in any issue or crisis management. But they can only be effective if they are engaged and involved in the company’s corporate direction, by providing management and staff with two-way communication channels to interact and give feedback. Otherwise, your employee would not know how to defend your company’s corporate reputation, even if he or she wanted to.

Reputation Management

Reputation management is done through regular engagement with stakeholders such as investors, analysts, shareholders and the financial media; we profile key management members through executive communication, such as positioning them for industry leadership through speaking events, sharing their view and opinions via article submission to the relevant media, and having media interviews to communicate the company’s value proposition.