Crisis Communications &

Being prepared for a crisis enables you to deal with a crisis quickly and effectively. Identifying issues before they become a crisis is an important process to incorporate into your strategic management plan. Crises can be prevented through pro-active issues management and monitoring.

We would recommend a stakeholder audit to identify issues and determine communication priorities. The audit results are used to fine-tune the corporate narrative and key messages, and if tracked over time, is a good gauge of success.

Preparing for a crisis also involves developing a crisis management plan, having a crisis management team – of which the crisis communication team is a part – in place and conducting mock crisis exercises.

In the event of a crisis, such as negative news going viral, fake news or industrial accidents, crisis communications can help mitigate the damage on a company’s reputation. Waterbrooks works with companies to design crisis communications strategies that are proactive, transparent and provide timely disclosures to stakeholders.