Investor Relations &
Financial Communications

Listed companies must maintain consistent and transparent two-way stakeholder communication in today’s noisy fast paced economy. Corporate news – fake or real – spreads fast and wide, and companies must provide corporate information in a clear and timely manner because investors have access to market information and many investing opportunities. If your company does not have a strategic Investor Relations programme, its investment case may be lost in the noise.

Waterbrooks’ strategic Investor Relations programme drives a company’s outreach efforts with investors, shareholders, analysts and the financial media, to cultivate investor and shareholder goodwill and support.

IR and Financial Communications include:

Initial Public Offering & Fundraising

If you plan to access the capital markets, for example, via an IPO/RTO, Waterbrooks can strategise how to communicate your business case, explain the rationale, and justify the valuation. We also organise meetings with analysts, fund managers, brokers, venture capitalists, potential investors, the investing public and the financial media – all key stakeholders who can potentially affect the outcome of the transaction.

Ongoing Investor Relations

Beyond milestone corporate developments, Waterbrooks strategises your company’s key messages for calendar activity such as results reporting and annual reports, which are important for good corporate governance; and investor roadshows to create more buy-side interest and diversify the shareholder base.

Investor Roadshow

Our “Investor Access” platform provides an opportunity for companies to interact with fund managers and institutional investors in one-to-one or group meetings, company roadshows as well as site visits.

We proactively leverage our network of contacts in the investment community to help clients broaden their sell-side coverage and target new investors. We have an extensive network of investors from Singapore, China, Hong Kong and Malaysia as part of the Asia Investor Relations Alliance.